Instagram Influencer Marketing. How To Grow Your Audience

Instagram has become one of the most sought-after digital platforms for all brands worldwide, from the largest to the smallest. This network has the most significant number of influencers of all digital platforms, with more than 100 billion active users per month and more than 500 million users per day. These numbers make it an excellent exposure tool for brands, not only to reach more audiences but also to form strategic alliances with the more than 20 million influencers that come to life in this network.

Influence marketing is the most applied strategy within this platform. However, for brands, it is not easy to establish effective alliances in such a vast world, the idea is to target influencers with a consolidated community, where there are not only followers but also content consumers. That is why for many Instagram influencers, growing their community has become a great challenge, and at the same time, it is the great goal of many.

That’s why we’ve prepared some tips for you to grow your community as an Instagram Influencer.

Talk to a specific niche.

Wanting to talk to everyone is a big mistake. If you wish a supportive community that is attracted to your content, you must make the people in it feel special. Talking to a specific group will help to grow a loyal community and, at the same time, attract other people to the same group.

Segmenting your content and expanding your niche little by little will be your best tool.

Create attractive content

On Instagram, due to the high number of Influencers, the competition is high, but if your content is attractive and of good quality, you will have a guaranteed safe audience.

It’s not just about getting the perfect picture. You must also add an attractive caption that will get your audience hooked and also generate a call to action that invites your followers to interact.

Attractive and easy to digest content is also easy to share, a shared post is worth more than a post with many likes because sharing it with others will increase your exposure, and you’ll go further.

Use calls to action

A call to action (CTA) is not just about leaving a question at the end of a post. It means you have to generate content that your community wants to share and comment on.

Create creative and consistent stories where you use Instagram tools that allow others to generate a reaction, such as surveys or questions. To place a call to action, make creativity your best friend.

Interact with your community

Instagram is not just about being a celebrity who posts and leaves the post there, waiting for thousands of interactions per minute.

Instagram is a social network that seeks constant humanization, so your daily goal should be to keep you in constant interaction with your followers. This will not only increase your chances of exposure but also make Instagram’s algorithm stand out.

get popular
Be Gentle

Be constant

Consistency is a virtue you must have if or when you want to grow your community. Instagram is a social network that has an algorithm that, for many, might be an enemy, but you can make it a great ally.

It’s all about patience, you won’t grow overnight, but if you’re consistent, sooner rather than later, Instagram will reward your perseverance. Take time each weekend to plan your content with some flexibility for a last-minute post or a last-minute trend that suits you.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful Instagram tool because they are not only intended to increase the exposure of your posts but also to segment your content to a particular community.

Instagram limits you to allowing a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, ideally using the necessary amount wisely and targeting the audience you want to reach.

Become an Ads ally

Instagram provides you with its paid advertising tool, allowing you to reach more people.

To use it, you must change your account to a Creator or Business account. However, we recommend that you do so with a Creator account, as this is the tool created especially for Instagram Influencers.

Using this tool will guarantee you new followers and more exposure, but only if you make a campaign with an attractive post, which makes a call to action and, at the same time, is segmented to a specific audience. Remember that it’s not just about reaching more people; it’s about reaching the right people.

Create effective partnerships

Creating alliances with other influencers in the industry will increase your exposure and ensure your growth. Today it is no longer a question of competition, but of establishing partnerships. You can create a network of contacts within the target you have decided to focus on, people who do the same as you and who are, of course, willing to cooperate with you.

Network, attend events where other Instagram influencers are present and where you can make yourself known and make part of your work recognized. The events are an excellent opportunity to get allies and also reach more people.

More allies in your field mean more connections and more exposure, which will ultimately lead to new members in your community.

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