What You Shouldn’t Do as a Social Media Influencer

It would always feel great to be a social media influencer. Brands would pay you and all you need to do is to post about them. It does not require much effort. You must be careful about what you do though. One small mistake and your reputation could go down the drain. Here are the things you must not do as a social media influencer:

Easily Trust Other Influencers

It is alright to make friends with other social media influencers. However, trusting them is a whole different story. Besides, they are also your competitors and you don’t know them too well. They may be plotting to bring you down and it may be too late before you realize it. If they follow you back after you follow them, better check back after a few days if they unfollowed you. That is a sign that they don’t really want to be friends with you. They may just be using you to get more followers and you can’t really blame them.

Post Negative Stuff

It is never good for your reputation to post negative stuff about anything. If you feel hate towards someone, never post it on social media where your followers can see. Remember, some people don’t really like negativity showing up on their feed. When they see that you preach negativity, they can unfollow you. The last thing you would want is to let them even think about unfollowing you. There are other ways you can release your hate other than posting about it on your social media channels. Besides, time heals all wounds so it will eventually disappear.

Forget to Interact

When someone comments on your posts, it would be great to reply to them as much as possible. Interaction is great for your posts and it increases the amount of comments. Besides, it is going to get the conversation going until more people comment. There are many ways you can show appreciation for your followers. For example, liking one of their posts can go a long way in making them happy. They may even post a story about that and you may even gain even more followers.

Be Inactive

If you do go away from social media for a few days, you must tell your followers why. Maybe do a Facebook or Instagram story about it. If you have something going on with your personal life, your followers will certainly understand why you won’t post for a while. However, disappearing without any reason can cause your followers whether you would want to be active on social media. In fact, it is common for social media influencers to post stories on Facebook and Instagram at least ten times a day. It is not because they have to but because they love doing it.

Now that you know what you must avoid doing as a social media influencer, stick to things that made you pretty popular. It is wearing the right clothes, always wearing a smile, and frequently posting about the things you love.

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